The new generation of gaming, no longer a hobby for the couch potato

Video games are often seen as being something that teenage boys play on for hours on end, and therefore end up having a bit of a stigma attached to them. They are associated with the increase in violence in young adults and are said to be linked to the reason why teenage boy's exam results are often worse than girls.

Although this does happen and we cannot ignore this, as with everything there are two sides to the story and, there are also many other dimensions to a video game, and to a games console.

Video games can increase a person's problem solving skills; many games require you to get from one level to another by trying to figure out how you are going to get over certain obstacles. They require strategy and they also require you to read instructions. Quite often those teenagers who spend hours on end on the games consoles do not read in their spare time, and despite popular opinion even if they did not have a games console it is quite likely that they would find something as equally unproductive as this.

One way that games console makers have tried to change the face of video games for ever is by introducing an active aspect to the games. This means that instead of simply sitting down on the sofa playing game after game and only giving your thumbs exercise. The products now involve sensory devices which are attaché to their controls; this means that the game is completed by moving.

Depending on the game the device will require the player to punch, run, duck and even dance in order to complete the game. This means that the players will become a lot healthier even if they do not mean to!

The games consoles have even brought out software which allows you to use your games console as a gym, you simply buy a flat board that you stand on and the games video game talks you through step by step of different exercises that you have to do, these can range from anything from hula hooping, skiing and yoga. The device weighs you, checks your body mass index and keeps track on how much weight you have lost how much fitter you have become and keeps check on how your diet is going.
This is a fabulous new way to play video games and really have added a new dimension to this gaming technology.


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